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  1. S

    New member + update

    Hello guys I’m in new member of this site, been exploring for a little while but I thought I’d make an account here so I can record my explores, I’m from Kent area and often find my self going to places all over the uk, if there’s any hope of helping to find new places would be awesome, also...
  2. G

    Report - Fonthill, Surrey - Sept 19

    First time posting a report, so apologies if I do anything wrong :p The history of this place has been reported a few times on here, so not going to repeat it. Having read various reports (and being out of work currently) I thought I'd try and find the house and see what it's like. And I wasn't...
  3. oleo.21

    Report - Fonthill - Godalming, Surrey - May 2019

    I went to this place at the very start of May on one afternoon with a friend of mine, but only just got around to doing a report! HISTORY: Richard Noble was the owner of this house, however he died in June 2008, and his house fell into this poor state. The house looks like a mix of different...