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  1. DarkMode13

    New Urbex in Derry~Londonderry

    Afternoon all. Im 29, new to this stuff. I have been exploring a couple of places, mostly started at the tail end of February before COVID. Haven travelled far with this Urbex yet. Hoping it will. I am willing to travel. I am willing to make friends from this experience if possible! :) Thanks all
  2. DarkMode13

    General - Sion Mills Factory

    Hey all. With work, i have driven through Strabane and Sion Mills. i have noticed a abandoned Mill / Factory in Sion Mills in Strabane, Northern Ireland. Would anyone be able to figure out any information on this Factory / Mill? Any one like to explore it with me?
  3. eddsup

    Information - Looking for exploring buddy Cornwall/Devon

    Hi, I live near Bude, North Cornwall. I’ve done a few explores recently, some I have posted on here. I have many more locations. Currently just Cornwall/Devon area I go as I’ve been going on my own. Need to find a friend. Someone who’s keen to explore when the chance comes up. Let me know