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  1. Hungrybadge69

    Report - Water Tower in Pollok, Glasgow (now demolished)

    I've had these pictures for a while and they where just took on my phone at the time. I've been a observer on this website for a little while and figured I should contribute. This place was located not far from my home, and I believe the structure was demolished in 2015 or round about that...
  2. Arran814

    Report - Hartwood Hospital, Shotts - July 2020

  3. T

    Report - Old Visit - Balfour Kilpatrick, Renfrew, July 2010

    Hey, here's some photos from an old visit a friend and I took to the Balfour Kilpatrick in Renfrew near Braehead shopping centre. It has long been demolished and has been replaced with houses. I'm sure there are plenty photos out there already but maybe there's something different hiding in...