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  1. BazzaBizarre

    Hey peeps

    I have been told to come here to find like minded people and to learn about exploring. Been to a few places to take photos/ Gartloch Hospital / St. Peter’s seminary / Eastend House. Awesome places. could anyone give me any pointers on how to find more places? in Scotland? I’m in Glasgow but I’m...
  2. laraaaaaa

    Hello from Scotland - Glasgow/Edinburgh/Perth/Inverness

    Hellooo! ✨ I don't really know if i'm supposed to say something here, but I'm just going to introduce myself; my names Lara, I don't know if you can tell by the title but i move around a lot, and I stumbled across this place while looking for abandoned sites around Glasgow-Edinburgh-Perth...
  3. AdenMont

    Aden, new member, Glasgow

    I think I might have accidentally deleted my first new members thread but anyway. Hi I'm Aden I'm 18 years old and living in glasgow, I only got into urban exploring two weeks or so ago so I haven't been to many places but I have enjoyed the places that I have been to such as: botanic gardens...
  4. AdenMont

    Aden, new member

    Hi my name's Aden I'm 18 living in Glasgow I only started urban exploring in the last two weeks or so and haven't been to many places but I have enjoyed the ones I have been to such as: the botanic gardens train station, Saint Peter's seminary and Dunmorepark house. I am mainly interested in...
  5. T

    Report - Old Visit - Balfour Kilpatrick, Renfrew, July 2010

    Hey, here's some photos from an old visit a friend and I took to the Balfour Kilpatrick in Renfrew near Braehead shopping centre. It has long been demolished and has been replaced with houses. I'm sure there are plenty photos out there already but maybe there's something different hiding in...