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  1. K

    Report - Abandoned Burger king and Game Gloucester

    I asked a shopping centre in Gloucester if I can take some photos of the abandoned Burger King and Game in Gloucester they allowed me to go in and take some photos History about Burger King Gloucester: Burger king opened in 2014 hoping to have customers to come to them to buy a burger then in...
  2. TrippPhotography

    General - Rooftopping for a scared noob... - Gloucester

    So... I am pretty scared of heights, i'm completely fine when there is solid ground underneath me, whether that would be a floor or a roof etc. I wont, and will not, climb up railings (that are high up), cranes or anything like that. To be honest, i binged all of Usamalama's videos yesterday...
  3. Gunsnrosies

    The Monastery, Glos

    My first post so apologies if it’s not up to scratch. Not strictly a monastery but wasn’t sure what else to call it. I’ve been inside numerous times in the last 4 years and it hasn’t changed much at all so I don’t think it’s a well known place - I’m therefore reluctant to name it. It’s an...