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  1. TrippPhotography

    Lead or Rumour info - Possible little scout?? Little Chef in GL5 Area, but don't know where.. - Gloucestershire

    So i have been scouring GMaps, my OS map, estate agents, derelict sites, vacant houses, stuff up for auction etc, for about 4 hours... found 2 possible tiny places on my OS... but just now found this...
  2. N

    Newbie here

    Hey My partner and I explore looking for interesting things, we particularly love finding buildings, vehicles etc that have been completely forgotten about and left for Mother Nature to take over. We love that these things have their own story to tell. we live in Gloucestershire and are...
  3. Seffy

    Report - Tytherington Quarry, South Gloucestershire - 2014 - 2019

    Tytherington Quarry, South Gloucestershire Tytherington Quarry lies just north of Bristol, situated close to the town of Thornbury. It actually comprises of three quarries, all joined by tunnels. North Face Quarry, as the name suggests, sits furthest North and is separated from the other two...
  4. kvtie9

    Farm house, Gloucestershire, 08/09/19

    Photos are taken all off iPhone XR. Will be returning to take photos off my camera, not much information on this place, just a house which was filled! Obviously a hoarders house by the looks of it.