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  1. JakeV50

    New Mills Tin Works Remains, Gloucestershire : October 2022

    New Mills Tin Works Not a massive amount to say or see with this one, but I enjoyed it, and I'm pleased with the photos I got from here, so I'm sure it's worth a report. There are some fairly well ruined buildings in a little settlement called New Mills in Gloucestershire, it took quite a bit...
  2. K

    Report - Abandoned Burger king and Game Gloucester

    I asked a shopping centre in Gloucester if I can take some photos of the abandoned Burger King and Game in Gloucester they allowed me to go in and take some photos History about Burger King Gloucester: Burger king opened in 2014 hoping to have customers to come to them to buy a burger then in...
  3. Seffy

    Report - Stanley Mill, Stroud - August 2020

    Stanley Mill, Kings Stanley, Stroud Very brief stolen history para: From what I can find online, there was hope in 2018 that something was going to be done to regenerate the historic mill. These plans seem to have fallen through again, which us confirmed by the link to the project now going...
  4. Seffy

    Report - Tytherington Quarry, South Gloucestershire - 2014 - 2019

    Tytherington Quarry, South Gloucestershire Tytherington Quarry lies just north of Bristol, situated close to the town of Thornbury. It actually comprises of three quarries, all joined by tunnels. North Face Quarry, as the name suggests, sits furthest North and is separated from the other two...