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    Report - Allen Brickworks 12th December 2021

    Recommended by a friend History ( copied from couple of other sites) Glazed brick manufacturers established by Henry Victor Allen (1887-1960), when he took over the Halifax Glazed Brickworks in 1905 in the Walterclough Valley. He converted the works to manufacture refractory bricks (glazed...

    General - Owls Nest : Pool House, Kent - late 2021

    Owls Nest Woods, Kent - ccLate 2021 Pool House. Intro :~ We were in the area and had already completed three previous explores.. We drove this way going back and thought we'd give it a try. We really wanted to see the topless lady laying pool-side by an Artist going by the name of...
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    Report - Storrs Brige Works - The North Side

    THE History, So much has already been written on the history of this site it seems futile to repeat so Many links and reports on this site too THE Explore, This time a solo...