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  1. T

    Report - Grain Tower Battery, Grain, Kent, 18th September 2011

    The History Grain Tower Battery (aka Number 1 The Thames) was constructed between 1848 and 1855. It stands at the mouth of the River Medway with Southend visible on the other side of the estuary. Construction is in the style of a Martello Tower with more modern additions made during WW1...
  2. Hidinginplanesite

    Report - Grain Fort Tunnel - December 2020

    So .... i was over in the area and popped into the grain tunnel ( Taken on an 8plus so excuses the quality ) Iv did this place so many times over the years .. Here is photos of just the single tunnel as I did not go to the second tunnel as it was dark & wet ( but do have photo from old...

    Report - Stanbridge Mill, Rochford. Late Oct 2020

    A friend and I went to do another explore... but due to unforeseen circumstances ..(someone actually broke in to a building next door and tripped the alarm and set off an insanely bright red flashing beacon off inside that building) we were forced to bail. ... so we did the backup explore...