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  1. S

    Question - Manchester Filming

    Hi all I'm on film production at uni and need an abandoned building to shoot for an exterior shot and need somewhere which I would film in for interior where I wont get robbed or stabbed, does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
  2. Aitch

    New Member - Manchester

    Hi, names Hayden I'm 22 from Manchester, new to Urbexing and would love to get into it even more, looking to start rooftopping too. Tried three places tonight only got in one but it was great listed below: Stretford Memorial Hospital - freshly boarded Salford Crescent Police Station - metal...
  3. Webb7 Photography

    Report - WH Shaw Pallet Works - Diggle - July 2019

    History (Stolen from a previous report by @The Lone Ranger. Sorry not sorry ) 'By far the most impressive building in Diggle is the Dobcross Loom Works; built in 1860 and located on the Canal side of Huddersfield Road about 300 yards from the junction with Standedge Road. For 37 years until...