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gun battery

  1. U

    Report - Browndown battery (Fort Gilkicker update)

    Hi, recently moved to Portsmouth looking for some urbex mates. Newish to the game have done 5 or 6 solo trips ............. Date of Visit: Jan 2021 Fort Gilkicker update Our original intentions were to go to fort Gilkicker. This is a 19th century coastal defence battery in Gosport that has...

    Report - HADLEIGH WW2 RAF Heavy Artillery Battery. - 2020

    WW2 RAF BASE INFILTRATED.(Historic Site) This 'was' a complex site of 5.25" and 4.5" gun emplacements, ancillary buildings and structures, and accommodation huts. All of the accommodation huts have been demolished and now, they used to lay under where a new housing estate is ..and the...
  3. Buddha1975

    Isle of Grain - Summer 2019

    So, I have been doing a bit of exploring for many years, going back to about 1997. But have never really shared any of it, so thought I'd start. Summer last year (2019) I decided to visit the Isle of Grain in Kent having heard about Grain Fort, which was built in the 1860's to protect the River...