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    Report - 1st Dental Laboratories - Harrogate, England - June 2020

    1st Dental Laboratories - Harrogate, England - June 2020 HISTORY 1st Dental was a Harrogate based private dental laboratory. Previously, the building was occupied by Aesthetic Dental Services, which was owned by Jim Bailey and Tony Kitchen. James Edward Bailey worked and was registered as...
  2. plod

    Report - Alexander Court Care Home, Harrogate, July 2016

    The History Formerly known as Waldern Heath, the 85-bed home lost its nursing registration in July 2014, after CQC took enforcement action due to the poor quality of treatment uncovered in an inspection that took place early July. As a result of the closure, 28 elderly residents have been...
  3. LostPlacesForgottenFaces

    Report - Cow Dyke Farm - Harrogate, England - Feb 2020

    Cow Dyke Farm Harrogate, England February 2020 - HISTORY Cow Dyke Farm is a derilict farm complex located between Killinghall and Harrogate in North Yorkshire that has been unoccupied since 2010. The farm has been the victim of two suspected arson attacks in recent years. There was a fire...
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    Report - Harewood Castle Ruins - Harewood, Leeds - Jan 2020

    Harewood Castle Ruins Harewood, Leeds Jan 2020. HISTORY: Harewood Castle is a 14th-century stone hall house and courtyard fortress, located on the Harewood Estate, in West Yorkshire, England. The castle was designed to strike a balance between security and comfort: a mixture of convenience and...
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    Report - Brunswick Tunnel (East Portal) - Harrogate, North Yorkshire - Dec 2019

    Brunswick Tunnel (East Portal), Harrogate, England HISTORY: Brunswick Tunnel was a railway tunnel in Harrogate opened in 1848 by George Stephenson and the York & North Midland railway company. It ran 400 yards directly below Langcliffe Avenue from the A61 Leeds Road roundabout to the opposite...
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    Report - Deli Blanca Cafe - Harrogate, North Yorkshire - Dec 2019

    Deli Blanca Cafe - Harrogate, North Yorkshire - Dec 2019 HISTORY: On Friday 21st June 2019, at 9am in the morning, a huge fire ripped through a vacant shop building on Station Parade in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, totally destroying the unit and causing damage to nearby outlets. The unit was...