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  1. AlikaiCoxy

    Hey! New here! / Hertfordshire.

    Hey guys! My name is Alice, I'm new to the site. I am a photographer based in Hertfordshire. I have been interested in Urbex for as long as I can remember! I only got to do my first explore about two weeks ago and will be doing my second soon with supervised access from the site owners! Will...
  2. Vickyj85

    Me again

    Hello everyone. Im technically not new here think I joined. Year or two ago. Not really used the site as much as I would like. I’ve now moved Back Cambridgeshire way. I would really like to meet some cool people locally. my instagrams are vix_pix_photography and vic_jackx Still trying to get...
  3. M

    Hi ! Newbie in York

    Hello everyone! I recently moved to York from France and I am looking to explore everything I can. I love adventure, anything from camping, caving, climbing, and obviously exploring. In France, I explored a few abandoned hospitals and churches. I also explored a few abandoned construction...
  4. GhostTheNewbie

    New explorer

    Hi, everyone. I’d like to start off by saying that I’ve explored some things in my area, but would like ideas on where else to go next. I’m from Yorkshire, but I’m mainly looking for places to explore up north and around me if anyone can help, also tips and such would be appreciated. - ghost
  5. W


    Hi everyone, I don’t know if you’re supposed to use actual names on here but I’m Will. I’m based in Cornwall and have been interested in urban exploring for about 5 years. I’ve been to quite a few different locations and photographed them all. I’ll post some of my best ones later. Looking...
  6. DaddyBear92

    Greetings from South Wales

    Hello there, I'm Dan. My partner, Seb and I made this account hoping that it will be an easy way to start keeping tabs on our explorations and site visits. I am a natural history student, and I'm particularly interested in wildlife photography, with a digital SLR, I hope to find some more photo...
  7. Gingej010

    First day out, RAF Coningsby and RAF Wittering Down!

    So i was googling last night abandoned places UK as i am interested in visiting places no one has been for years and i came accross this site. ITS FUCKING WICKED! Looked at 2 places on here and found them after some struggling . RAF Wittering and RAF Coningsby down, they exceeded my...

    Hi from Cornwall!

    Hey everyone, Just a quick hello to introduce myself to you fine people. Long time lurker of 28DL but finally got round to making an account, hopefully I will be able to contribute to this fine community in the near future. Born and raised in Cornwall, always enjoyed exploring off the beaten...
  9. Connor Davis

    Hello from Plymouth and Newbury

    Hey, bit of a lurker here finally wanting to start doing some reports of places I've been to. I'm 20, between Plymouth and Newbury with University trying to check as many areas as I can while I'm in each place. Got a new camera and am hoping on focussing on getting some good photos in the...
  10. DevonUrbanExplorer

    Hello Guys im the Devon Urban Explorer

    iv been doing security for the past 5 years, iv taken some amazing photographs in the time, looking to share them with you, but i have to be careful what i put up as it might affect my job, security but, im always up for a look around empty buildings as quite enjoy them i want to start a youtube...
  11. Chrissie81


    Hi all. I just want to check if my posts are showing up yet, I just joined the other day. Posted a report but now I can’t find it
  12. T

    Hello from the South

    Hey guys and girls, my name is Bradley I'm 22 and I'm from the South Coast of England, I've been Urbexing before I knew people called it that, usually by myself as most of the youth culture around where I live is fixated on recreational drug use, I thought I'd give this site a go in an attempt...
  13. chernolife

    A New Face In Manchester

    Hello, Me and a friend of mine have been exploring in Manchester a few times already but now we will be taking it seriously this summer so I though joining this would be a good idea. So far we have made it to the middle floor of the Central Manchester Premier Inn but sadly couldn't get to the...
  14. SomersetScavenger

    Hello from Somerset.

    Good evening all! My name is Ell and I’m a 21 year old male from Taunton, Somerset. I enjoy photography, adrenaline and exploring! Recently kicked off this hobby of urban exploring and finding old run down places to mooch around and admire the beauty of what was. Now unfortunately being in...