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  1. D

    Report - Birkdale High School in West Yorkshire, UK - January 2022

    Birkdale High School Visited January 2022 The school’s building was built into two phases, one bit which was formerly the Wheelwright All Girls Grammer School which then had a bridge built over to the other phase in 1980 which was for both genders. When entering the former all girls school you...
  2. yernbarr

    Report - Leeds Girls High School (Rose Court Nursery), Leeds, West Yorkshire - May 2019

    History Rose Court building was is situated on the same site and the main senior school Leeds Girls High School building. Rose Court was purchased by the High School in 1912 and before this functioned as a private residence. Built of stone construction in a Georgian design the building...
  3. C

    Report - Lochgilphead High School, October 2009

    Apologies for the picture quality, but I took these nearly nine-and-a-bit years ago with what was then cutting-edge phone camera technology! - My old high school, just before it was demolished: