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  1. DustySensorPhotography

    Report - HM Prison Holloway, London - November 2022

    HM PRISON HOLLOWAY THE HISTORY: Opened in 1852, Holloway Prison began life as a mixed-sex prison and only in 1903 did it become women-only, following the closure of Newgate Prison in London which previously had held women. Due to the rarity of female prisons in England and Wales, Holloway was...
  2. Seffy

    Report (Permission Visit) HMP Shepton Mallet/Cornhill, Shepton Mallet - April 2018

    HMP Shepton Mallet (also known as Cornhill) So this is the first 'permission visit' report I've ever posted. It's not usually my style, but I actually found this really interesting and thought it would be worth sharing some photos from inside the former Shepton Mallet prison. It's open for...
  3. C

    Report - Shrewsbury jail "the dana"

  4. cjexplores

    Report - HMP Holloway - London - FEB 2019

    This was a bit of a mad one as well as a last minute decision... Attempted this with some exploring pals at 4AM a few weeks back and had no luck as well as being shouted at and chased off by security. Bumped into a couple of fellow urbexer's in London who gave us the lowdown on how they just...