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home chain radar station

  1. Urban Ginger Hog

    Report - RAF Dunkirk, Chain Home Radar Station, Kent. September 2020

    History: A WW2 Chain Home Radar station first built in 1936. Originally consisting of eight transmitter towers and a compound, only one tower and the compound now survive. It was later used as part of Operation Rotor, the early warning system created in the 1950s. The station closed in 1958. A...
  2. Urban Ginger Hog

    Report - Warden Point Chain Home Low Radar Station, Isle of Sheppey. July 2020.

    Following visits to other coastal positions it was time to hit Warden Point. Parking in the local free car park it was a very short walk to this location which was a relief as my mate and I had already put in the miles trekking from one place to another. Having only seen a few photos on social...