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  1. savagescxm

    Report - Cambridge Military Hosptial, Aldershot - July 2020

    I’ve been interested in exploring for a while now but only recently started giving it a proper go - getting a decent camera helped too! Hope this report is ok, will be the first of many After many many failed attempts I thought I’d never get into this place but as building works continue I just...
  2. Sammil_31

    Report - St Senans Asylum, County Wexford - June 2019

    Hi there, my first thread so please don't judge too much. Been a huge fan of the site for years, and I've run my own photography page for a while but only now have I found a location worthy of posting. This asylum I've wanted to get at for years and I was lucky enough to get in. The Hospital...
  3. Exploring.With.KMK

    Question - Help Please Guys