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house in the woods

  1. S

    Information - stafford manson

    we have found a old house that has been left due to fire damage.the outside court yard is amazing with walk ways and ponds to relax by. the house is in a pretty bad way but very intresting with owners bits are still around eg clothes,old electric chair,medication and also a locked safe that has...
  2. B

    Report - The Cottage, South Wales

    Hi everyone, This is my first post in here, I have done a few explores but not taken many photos, but thought I would post some on here :) I'm from South Wales / Forest Of Dean area. Couldn't gain access to the location but still an interesting explore with two vehicles (I only pictured one)...
  3. kvtie9

    Aunt violets house, London, August 2019

    Just another house, not much information on this place unfortunately. Wish I had some sort of history but I don’t.
  4. mexistorm

    Report - Safari House Devon

    After intense studying on Google and a few hints I finally worked out where this location was. I'm not going to do a full report on the place as it's been done many times before. What I will say is please don't pass on the location because after our visit today it has become clear that the...