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  1. GenerationWhyProductions

    Hello from Ipswich!

    Hi. I’m a human being from Ipswich, Suffolk. I love exploring abandoned places and sometimes, if I can be bothered, I might actually film my visit. I’ve only just started to really get into UE so I don’t have a huge list of places, but I’m looking forward to discovering as many as possible. If...
  2. FelixstoweFPV

    Report - Fisions Factory Ipswich - 09/10/2018

    Hi everyone... First post here at 28 days later!! Hopefully many more to come... I've had an eye on this spot up for ages now... Been wanting to fly an FPV racing drone around it, here is my result... Enjoy :) FelixstoweFPV - Bando Bliss Floors are totally rotted out in parts.... The...