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isle of sheppey

  1. Urban Ginger Hog

    Report - Warden Point Chain Home Low Radar Station, Isle of Sheppey. July 2020.

    Following visits to other coastal positions it was time to hit Warden Point. Parking in the local free car park it was a very short walk to this location which was a relief as my mate and I had already put in the miles trekking from one place to another. Having only seen a few photos on social...
  2. Urban Ginger Hog

    Report - Capel Farm Cold War Anti-aircraft site

    This was a location I found by chance when checking Google maps prior to making my first ever visit to the Isle of Sheppey. A birds eye view of the site appeared similar to Farthingloe Battery in Dover, but with the main noticeable difference being no Command post in the centre. Being mindful...
  3. Urban Ginger Hog

    Report - Shellness Minefield Control Post, Isle of Sheppey. July 2020

    Having never ventured onto the Isle of Sheppey before I was on a mission to have a good walk around the general coastal area. From reviewing local maps I knew there was a popular structure in the vicinity which was on my 'to do list'. Parking up, my pal starts laughing!! Having no idea what's...
  4. LashedLlama

    Report - Kingsferry Bridge Internal Section, Isle Of Sheppey - (October 2019)

    Once again, it was troll imitation time, back under the bridged we go! On a rather dreary, wet October's morning, myself and @James Cross found ourselves scratching our heads for ideas of what to do for our next outing. And after being stuck inside all week due to the atrocious weather, I think...