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  1. Starsxx

    Looking for other explorers

    Hi! I'm from the West Midlands me and my friend really want to join up with a person or a group to go out exploring anywhere and everywhere, I’m not new to urban exploring but lots of places I wanna go explore. If anyone can help us out that’d be great! Instagram: starsxx__ Snapchat: starsssxxx
  2. Jamie221094

    Lead or Rumour info - Anyone looking to come out on explore

    There few places I have in mind but my friends are too busy to go out anyone in Northern Ireland looking drop me message
  3. Edtrevett

    Wanted - Looking for exploration group in southwest!

    Anyone not got a group to go exploring with like me? If so contact me about becoming one! I’ve really wanted to have a group for ages and I have been in a couple of groups but for whatever reason they never stuck. So message me or reply to this if interested!!!