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  1. B

    Hi new from sittingbourne, kent!

    I was just wondering if there are any abandoned places within a less then an hour drive from sittingbourne to go, if anyone has any locations can they send them over and maybe some pictures too? thank you
  2. Nyxipyx

    New to exploring

    Hey, my names kate, often go by Nyx online, I've always been interested in historical or overgrown abandoned places, ever since I was young girl. Theres something about looking around and marveling in old disused buildings and houses and wondering "what or who were you" or "I wonder what this...
  3. T

    Report - Crown and Horseshoes Pub, Maidstone, 2015

    The Crown and Horseshoes was a pub in Langley, Maidstone, Kent, United Kingdom, it closed down around 2014-2015. The building stood abandoned for a while and was turned into a Cannabis factory - these pictures were taken a few days after the police raids. A new pub, The Potting Shed opened in...
  4. S

    Question - Red door around mote park area

    Apologies for the poor quality but this door surrounded by a concrete structure was found around the southern/Willington mote park area with a danger excavation sign and a large pipe. Does anyone have any leads as to where this goes? I'm assuming a sandstone mine based off of previous reports...
  5. samanthaivy

    Hello from Medway kent!

    New to forums and exploring pages but I’m Sam from Medway area in Kent . Started exploring at a young age did the typical Matthews riding school which I continue to visit still now to this day! Visited Leybourne grange back in I think 2016 when the Manor House was still there only wish it was...