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  1. Webbs0710

    Report - J.H. Weatherby Falcon Pottery, Stoke-on-Trent, Oct 22

    Here is yet another report on this old gem... it's always been on the agenda to get done, it's one of those massive sites that just sticks around forever. I finally got around to it last year although I couldn't drone it at the time, as I managed to crash into a wall at a mill the day before...
  2. C

    Report - Quick dash through falcon pottery

    Firstly this isnt a full and complete report or a full explore come to matter, on route to other more mundane appointments i noticed that there was a quick route inside Falcon Pottery in stoke. With a quick dash round and only my phone to hand and ttight on time its a dash round here and there...
  3. BertieBird

    Report - Old Cocking Limeworks, West Sussex, June 2018

    I hope you'll forgive me for making a report on such a heavily reported area. I feel this is my first 'proper' explore where I went to a location and had to actually do some fence hopping and I managed to find the courage to do it by myself! I really enjoyed it and I'm so glad I went. The...