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    Report - Old sorting depot, West Sussex - February 2020

    I've seen a couple of posts for this place before. Apologies for posting it again but it's my first proper explore with a decent camera. I went here a couple of months ago and couldn't get in at all - got lucky this time! Actually, it was fairly easy to get access. The space is enormous inside...
  2. D

    Report - RAF Church Fenton, Leeds. July 2019

    First time visit to this sprawling base. I have read quite a bit about what was there previously and thought I should see for myself, some guidance from a friend who has been here a few times now, There are a large number of buildings all in serious states of mindless vandalism, with holes...
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    General - Toulouse Ile duRamier Restaurant Mar 19

    Travelled to this place with little hope of seeing anything but was surprised with the easy access and sheer size of the building. Located near the centre next to residential buildings, it seems to have been a catering building for the nearby University. Signs warn of a stray dog at ground...