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  1. Moelwyn

    Report - Namtu Lead Smelter, Namtu, Myanmar December 2011

    I know it’s abroad, but maybe this might be of interest here. It’s a series of photos that I took on 2nd December 2011 of the zinc and lead smelter at Namtu, a town situated in northern Shan State, Myanmar (Burma). The British colonial period in northern Burma began around 1883 and the Burma...
  2. UKAME

    Video - Discovering Ladders and Massive Stopes, Smallcleugh

    In this one, we find areas of Smallcleugh we've never seen before, including a vast stope and a few sets of ladders, including one that is heavily calcified. Facebook group : Smallcleugh Mine started in around 1770, looking for the continuation...
  3. Mr Sam

    Report - Cwmystwyth Lead Mine - Mid Wales - Oct '19

    This place has fascinated me from a young age, my Nine (grandmother)(granny crow) lived in a caravan on the edge of a farm for some years at Cwmystwyth in the mid 90s we would drive past the mine workings and slag heaps and i would beg to go and wander around them but was never allowed, By the...
  4. Mr Sam

    Report - Parc Lead Mine - North Wales - July '19

    Weather forecast was advertised as possibly one of the hottest in recorded history so the plan was get underground where it might be a little cooler, Well the first destination was Cae Coch Sulphur Mine the walk/HIKE up a wooded hillside to the adit was absolute hell already 25C climbing in...