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  1. Mr Budge

    Report - Leek Railway Tunnel - March 2022

    This abandoned railway tunnel residing in the quite town of Leek in Staffordshire dates back to 1849 when it first opened as part of the North Staffordshire Railway on the Manchester to stoke route carrying goods for the coal and pottery industries and closed its route in 1964. The Northern...
  2. Doug Judy

    Report - Leek Railway Tunnel - August 2021.

    Leek Tunnel - 420yds August 2021. Opened in 1849 as part of the North Staffordshire Railway’s Manchester to Stoke route carrying mostly coal / goods traffic linked to the local potteries. Closed to all traffic in 1964. Very little if any information or history on this tunnel and was only...
  3. Humpa

    Report - York Silk Mill - Leek - Dec 2018

    Visited with @raisinwing This one has been on the cards forever and after many, many, many, many years of looking, trying and failing we actually managed to get this one done. Again, Slightly pic heavy but its a mill!
  4. Joshrowlands

    Lead or Rumour info - Potential site in Cheddleton (staffordshire)

    Please bare with me with this post as I am new to the site. I work in leek and drive past this some nights but it’s always been dark as it’s winter. Wondered what it could poternautlly be looks like a house? Unsure of access as it’s dark, asked a local who I work with and she wasn’t sure she...