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  1. nereva

    Hello from Leicester!

    Hello people! Somehow I've stumbled across this website and thought it will be a great idea to meet some new people from Leicester area to explore together. my name's Alice, I'm 3rd year architecture student, moved to UK from Poland. I used to explore a lot back home, in Szczecin - unfortunately...
  2. surrwyxalos

    new user, born explorer (leicester)

    aloha, i've been browsing 28dl since my uni days back in 2014, having been inspired by the paris catacombs / nyc subway explorer videos, but there's only so much the east riding of yorkshire can offer, and i abandoned my curiosities! now i'm living in a big ol' city packed full of desolation...
  3. Jake Alan Craig

    Any explorers from Leicester?

    Im looking at taking a trip to Leicester soon to do some filming for my channel, anyone know any good places in or around Leicester, I've already got a few places planned.
  4. LeighMarie87

    Newbie from Leicester!

    Hey everyone, I've always been interested in exploring abandoned and derelict location s, I just find that everywhere I go I can never gain entry! Also I would love to find local more experienced explorers who know of a few places as I'm only aware of a few city centre based factories, which by...