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  1. dansgas1000

    Report - East Norton Tunnel, Leicestershire - August 2023

    Introduction This is one of a few places me and @JakeV50 headed for on a nice day in August. We fancied a bit of light painting and were running out of light for above-ground explores at this point so decided to head to this old tunnel. Information & History The East Norton tunnel was...
  2. Brackkkn

    Report - Holwell Mine (Leicestershire) June 2023

    Thanks to @HughieD for the heads up, that this site could still be accessed... headed over with a non member and soon found the main entrance with what I assumed was the only way in, chained up very tightly! A quick walk close by and we soon found another (even tighter) way into the mine. You...
  3. J

    Bradgate Stables (March 2021)

    Hey guys, first post here not sure if I’m doing this right but... you live and you learn. I’ve seen a few people have been to this location before, wanted to give an update to how it’s doing in 2021. This place was used as the stables for Bradgate house and I believe they were built way back in...
  4. W

    Needing locations

    Hi I'm from south Yorkshire and k am looking for locations that are accessible in leicester or between there and Doncaster as I have a trip to go pick something up from leicester and wanna kill two birds one stone. By getting a explore done on way back
  5. Tunnel Gricer

    Report - Ashby Tunnel, Leicestershire. July 2020.

    Ashby Tunnel, Leicestershire. July 2020. Ashby Tunnel, 308yards. Built around 1799 / 1802 Ashby Tunnel otherwise known as Old Parks Tunnel just outside the village of Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire was situated on the line which left the Burton - Coalville line at Ashby Station and headed...
  6. Tunnel Gricer

    Report - East Norton Tunnel (Feb 2020)

    Evening all, Made a visit to East Norton Tunnel, Leicestershire back in February of this year, nice tunnel some interesting things to see and very well hidden from the road and general public... So the History..East Norton tunnel was one of three tunnels built on the new Great Northern and...
  7. S

    Great Central Railway Station Leicester (July 2018)

    Always followed the Great Central Railway since i was a kid, and always knew the that the dirty poorly maintained building in the dead area of Leicester was the old Great central station. I though id share a few pics i took in July 2018 just after the site was cleared to make way for its much...
  8. Jake Alan Craig

    Any explorers from Leicester?

    Im looking at taking a trip to Leicester soon to do some filming for my channel, anyone know any good places in or around Leicester, I've already got a few places planned.
  9. apcyberax

    King Edward VII Melton Mowbray - Feb-Mar 2018

    King Edward VII School (Melton Mowbray) - Or whats left of it. Hi All, First post here. When I went exploring this school it was not with the plan of posting it. This was my old school and I had to check it out while I could. With more media then I could really sort I decided to upload...