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  1. Charlotte_Carnegie

    Lead or Rumour info - Anyone in the Yorkshire/Lincolnshire area?

    Hey everyone! I’ve been exploring for about 3 years now but I’ve only ever been able to find the below sites. Does anyone have any great explores in the Yorkshire/Lincolnshire area? - RAF Manby - Gainsborough Manor - Lord Line Hull - Doctors Manor Doncaster - Old Farmhouse Scunthorpe - Old...
  2. Pixels

    Report - RAF Stenigot, Remaining Radar Dish - June 2020

    I'd had this location in mind for a long time, and regretfully never took the opportunity to visit before three of the four dishes were removed for scrap in October 2018. Although this is a real shame, I was pleased to discover that there was in fact one dish that had been retained. I couldn't...
  3. Crissisdecon

    Report - Nocton Hall and RAF Nocton Hospital - Summer 2019

    Explore: access to Nocton hall can be a bit varied, although it is not very overlooked in most parts and there doesnt really seem to be any security, the fences are well maintained and any holes are normally patched. after a bit of walking around we managed to find easy access (albeit through a...
  4. Crissisdecon

    Report - The Ropery Inn Pub (Lincolnshire)

    History: this pub has been in business for around 100 years, although there is very little history about the building there are pictures online from the 1940's of the building during a flood. The Ropery inn was closed due to fire damage, when the building caught fire around 15 firemen arrived...
  5. Crissisdecon

    Report - Blenheim Care Home, Hemswell - August 2019

    Not the oldest abandoned building but interesting non the less. The history: Blenheim Care Centres is a nursing and residential care home for up to 80 people in two buildings – Blenheim House and Blenheim Lodge. The home consistent of 35 bedrooms and some flats. It caters for people aged 18...
  6. Crissisdecon

    Report - Gainsborough All Girls School

    History: (taken from HughieD) Gainsborough’s Lea Road Infant's School was built and opened on 3rd May 1906 replacing the Bridge Road and Hickman Street Schools. Initially (the first three decades of its life) it was an infants’ (up to age 7) school. In August 1930 it re-organised to accommodate...
  7. Ellliotttt

    Report - Hoval Boiler Factory, Lincoln (July 2018)

    History I couldn't find much history online about this place other than it was owned and operated by a Liechtenstein based Boiler Making company called Hoval. It was closed in 2014 after a few years of unsustainable losses for the company. They decided to shut this factory down and focus on...