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listed building

  1. Ordinary-Walrus776

    Report - Tranno Farm, Breage, Cornwall - October 2020

    A early-mid 19th Century Grade II Listed Building that's located quite literally in the middle of farmland; There's no roads or lanes leading to this house - just a muddy farm track. No one has lived in this house for approx. 30 years and the last known tenants to have lived here were Samuel...
  2. LittleOwl

    Report - Treforest Tinplate Works, Rhondda Cynon Taff, Jan 19

    Following on into 2019, I was determined to find some new sites to explore and happened upon this one during my satellite nosing spree. Though it looked heavily fenced off and I had assumed it would be inaccessible once we got there, I was pleasantly surprised when we managed to find a way in...