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  1. LashedLlama

    Report - Littlebrook D - Chimney Climb 2019

    After scaling Littlebrook's chimney three times over the summer with several mates, and snapping roughly 70 odd shots, I've finally decided to post a few of them... After dealing with the copious amounts of dust, pigeon shite, grease and god knows what else on the chimney's 800 step staircase...
  2. Exxperious

    Report - Littlebrook D Chimney Climb, Dartford, London, April 2018 STAY IN NP FOR NOW

    Littlebrook Chimney Climb The 705ft (215m) tall chimney is the fourth largest in the UK, sitting on the river Thames next to the Dartford crossing and Queen Elizabeth 2 Bridge. Massive props to @slayaaaa for this one, wouldn’t have been possible without his help. History Littlebrook power...