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  1. A

    new places?

    hey everyone i’m new here, i’m looking for some abandoned places near gainsborough, lincoln, scunthorpe, doncaster, hull and sheffield preferably not too far from them but even if they aren’t that close still comment, ive already been to quite a few in these places but looking for more, thank...
  2. J

    Question - Locations Northern Ireland

    Hi I currently live in Northern Ireland and do a lot of exploring but I’m running out of places to go to , I currently have a tiktok page on exploring which is very popular with one of the videos getting more than half a million views. Would anyone be able to give me any good locations or be up...
  3. Reesree

    Question - Any explores in or around morpeth area

    Does anyone have any explores they would be willing to share with me in the Morpeth area as currently have no transport so trying to find any i could spend a day walking too and exploring local to Morpeth, I have a couple explores I could exchange. thanks