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  1. E

    Report - Aunty Violets ~ St Albans

    So, after a few days of scrolling through here I discovered Aunty Violets house and thought it looked nice. So we travelled from Stratford, London to St. Albans (not that far) and spent hours trying to find this house and we did! and here is what we found! (I'm pretty new to all this and pics...
  2. shawnelliott_s14


    Hi I’m shawn. I’m new to urban exploring and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations of abandoned buildings to explore in west London or Watford areas. Tia
  3. BtP Liam

    Report - ‘Billionaire’s Row’, North London (August 2019)

    One of the most surreal places I’ve explored yet which is certainly a big claim. This certain house lies externally reclaimed by nature yet inside appears pristine as if it’s inhabitants popped out for lunch, sometime in the 70s. Located down so called ‘Billionaires’ Row’ in North London...
  4. Sam the climber

    Report - Millennium Mills - August 2019

    Background to the Explore This is my first post, so the report and the photography might look a bit newbie - but I'll get better, I promise! Since moving back to London from Sheffield, I can't climb cliffs on weekday evenings anymore, so I need a new hobby. I've been for an amateurish...
  5. FavouriteWorstNightmare

    Report - Fonthill house- surrey- July 2019

    I can't for the life of me remember the name of this house but once I do I shall edit the title. I don't know too much on the history but after our explore we had security waiting for us outside. The guy was alright and said it was okay they we were taking photos, so long as the place doesn't...
  6. kvtie9

    Aunt violets house, London, August 2019

    Just another house, not much information on this place unfortunately. Wish I had some sort of history but I don’t.
  7. kvtie9

    Billionaires row, London, August 2019

    Very incredible place, crazy to see this.
  8. DustySensorPhotography

    Report - Seven Pines - Virginia Water - May 2019

    SEVEN PINES: Backtracking a bit with this one as I did it a decent while ago. As I'm sure you all know, this place has been done ad infinitum in the past few months, but I thought I'd chuck my two cents in as well. Since I went here it's been trashed quite a lot with local kids finding it...
  9. kazifzz


    Hi There I go by the name of Kazifzz. I am a 21 year old photographer and explorer from Surrey and have been interested in Urban Exploring for so long and was wondering if anyone in the Surrey or Hampshire area would be interested in going exploring around the local areas. I have also just made...
  10. Chloe Explores

    Report - The Towers, Hampstead Heath - June 2019

    History: There are 16 or so unoccupied and dilapidated mansions on The Bishops Avenue, worth as much as £350 million. The super-rich who own them, mainly from Saudi Arabia are confident that even if they leave the properties to rot they will still get a tremendous return on their investment when...
  11. D

    Information - High buildings with roof access london

    Hi was wondering if anyone knew of any buildings with accessible roofs that are quite high up, buildings under construction with not much security are good aswell!
  12. oleo.21

    Report - LUDDINGTON HOUSE - Egham, Surrey - May 2019

    Jumping on the tour bus here. Visited with @The0farrell over a week ago now back on the 20th of May. At this point there were only 2 posts on this place posted the night before we went. I never really post my explores on here, I've only posted a couple. I thought about posting this place but...
  13. MuniMike99

    Report - Wingate House, Stratford, London (March 2019)

    History Not really much I could gather about this place however it has been the site to many crimes from harbouring potential illegal immigrants to thieves to arsonists taking it upon themselves to attempt to burn down this skeleton of what once was either an office or warehouse - these 2...
  14. T

    New to London and this whole thing

    Hi everyone, I'm completely new here in this whole urban exploring thing. Not going to lie to you guys, yes I have seen Ally Law and yes he did get me interested (I can imagine many people arent that big a fan of him ahah). I just started uni at UCL and am in halls near there. I've climbed a few...
  15. cjexplores

    Report - Ride Manor - Ascot - Feb 2019

    This sort of location is why I'm thrilled that my hard work pays off! I spend hours on end just on maps alone looking for places and this is exactly what I'm looking for. Apart from knowing very little about this place (as per usual), I know it must have been abandoned from around 4th March...
  16. V

    Report - Abandoned tower block (London, Lewisham)

    Hit up an abandoned tower block in Lewisham last week, check it out here - EDIT We don't host video reports on the main forums, sorry!
  17. cjexplores

    Report - HMP Holloway - London - FEB 2019

    This was a bit of a mad one as well as a last minute decision... Attempted this with some exploring pals at 4AM a few weeks back and had no luck as well as being shouted at and chased off by security. Bumped into a couple of fellow urbexer's in London who gave us the lowdown on how they just...
  18. cjexplores

    Report - Billionaires Row - London - Feb 2019

    So I first did Billionaires row with @Benjames a couple of weeks back but never got round to posting my report so will do it at a later date. Went back this weekend to explore some other buildings we originally missed and came across this one. The place has massive signs outside saying "SOLD"...
  19. Isaacbp

    Question - Looking for you lot to go climbing with

    Hey so i know it hasnt heen long since last post if you wondering we did the gallaries and holaday inn but i havnt done anything since but honstly would love to start agian so if anyone wants to go climbing in bristol bath london ect just say and well get talking feel free to leave your insta...
  20. A

    Experienced but need more place to go (located Essex)

    Hello I’m new to this site but experienced. Travel to locations with a mature experienced massive group of mates, always prepared with exits and ladders I’ve explored Brentwood police station in Brentwood - Detached bastion in Dover - Prisoner of war camp 116 at Hatfield Heath - Redoubt Fort...