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  1. U

    Report - Lord Line Trawler Company Building (First Report)

    Lord Line Trawler Company, St Andrews Quay, Hull. So this is my first report, I know this one has been done to death but I thought I'd tell my story of how I got my start. This building was opened in 1949 as a home for the Lord Line Trawler Company,the largest deep water fishing fleet in the...
  2. U

    Hello from Hull!

    Hi, new member here from Hull here. Been interested in urbex for a few years now, but not had much chance to find many locations. I've done the obvious lord line building which was fantastic, I also had a quick trip to Drewton Tunnel but didn't get many photos. Just interested to read about...
  3. WitchyBach

    Hi from Hull!

    Hi! I've explored a little bit in the past, but - since moving to Hull - I've got a bit excited about visiting the Lord Line building. Now, I've been in one side of it, and it is really architecturally interesting. I'd love to visit again and go all around it. Similarly, I know there are other...