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  1. AlikaiCoxy

    Report (Permission Visit) *Pic Heavy!* Shredded Wheat Factory - Welwyn Garden City - June 2021

    History Henry Perky invented the product we know today as 'Shredded Wheat.' After a while of selling his product, the formed a company called 'The Cereal Machine Company.' When building the Welwyn Garden City site, they decided to stick to the name 'The Shredded Wheat Company.' This site was...
  2. J

    I’m new here - first time exploring yesterday - Quarry

    Hi guys, I’m Josh, 20 and based near Paddock Wood, Kent. I’ve recently tried to get more involved in urban exploring but have struggled to get started. Yesterday i found my first location which was an abandoned quarry. It has a train track running through it and a lot of the old machinery and...