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magistrates court

  1. GRONK

    Report - Dale Street Magistrates Court, Liverpool - October 2021

    October 2021 The Visit Visited on two occasions, the first was a nighttime visit with @stranton and @coolboyslim and the second was a solo visit on a wet weekday morning. The building is huge and I could have easily spent double the amount of time I did in there. It appears to have been left...
  2. Terminal Decline

    Report - Tavistock Guildhall, Tavistock, Devon - April 2019

    History Built at a cost of £4000, Tavistock guildhall was opened on 5th October 1848 and is one of the earliest surviving purpose built combined police station and courthouse in England. The building was paid for by the dukes of Bedford using their wealth generated by the mines in the local...