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  1. Han1990

    Hana exploring Northwest UK

    Hi. I started exploring a few days ago and came across this site as well whilst searching for places to go. Mainly around cheshire and Stockport. Been to ivy house in northwich and Belmont care home in Cheadle so far. Both great finds would recommend
  2. Y

    Manchester Student new to Urbex

    Hey guys, been living in manchester for 3 years (originly from france) and discovered Urban exploration just recently. Love filming and taking pictures, as well as finding calm, secret places for a bit of nice solitude. Anyone who would be willing to meet up in manchester and show me places and...
  3. RJMmcr

    Report - principal clock tower, Manchester - March 2017

    The Principal Hotel occupies the Refuge Insurance Building on Oxford Road and Whitworth Street. It is infact two building, Building 1 by Alfred Waterhouse (the architect of the Town Hall) and Building 2 by his son Paul. Surmounted by the 217 foot tall clock tower, this has always been a...
  4. Missblackandgrey

    New freinds to go explore with

    not sure how this works so
  5. 2idiotsexplore

    General - Abandoned Manchester Victoria theatre

    Found a Victorian theatre in Salford Manchester today. Original red seats remain, surrounded by sunken floors, decayed wallpaper. To top all, we found a huge Cannibis operation under the stage! Check out our YouTube channel. We post new explores every week!
  6. T

    Manchester Urbexing

    Hi everyone, I would like to find someone to go and explore Greater Manchester and do a bit of Urbexing and photography. Please get in touch if you fancy meeting up for a trip :)