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manchester rooftops

  1. reisskerr

    Question - Manchester Roofing

    Hey Guys. Looking for a partner/ guide… I’ve explored every abandoned building in Manchester what feels like 2 or 3 times over and looking for something fresh. Wanting to get to some high spots for photography ect. I have a few places in mind already. I know there’s a bunch of “you’re new to...
  2. EllisEditz

    is there any places to explore around manchester

    new to this group is their any manchester explorers that know of any places thats good to explore?
  3. P

    Toast Rack Report (Fallowfield, Manchester Nov 20)

    Recently went to the old Hollings Campus in Fallowfield, Manchester (commonly known as toast rack). Went around 3/4am on a clear night so views from the top floor/roof are really good if you catch the clouds and mist well. Photos will be attached. It’s quite a tricky one to get into past the...
  4. RJMmcr

    Report - Premier Inn,Manchester- February 2019

    North Tower (formerly Highland House) is a high-rise residential building on Victoria Bridge Street in Salford, England. The building is 23 stories tall with a podium at the base, which gives it a total height of 80 metres (260 ft) making it one of the tallest buildings in Salford. The building...
  5. RJMmcr

    Report - unite students,Manchester- October 2019

    another boring night so another mission, this time it was nice to view the city from a more central point of view looking down at the principal clock tower which you don't get to do often. oxford road station from above looking over towards central library the view towards...
  6. RJMmcr

    Report - liberty living, Manchester-November 2019

    Manchester is throwing buildings up at the minute, and it shows no sign of slowing down. i was bored so decided to have a little climb and the views didn't disappoint! looking towards the town hall views over towards the universities hulme from above owen street towers thanks for...
  7. RJMmcr

    Report - principal clock tower, Manchester - March 2017

    The Principal Hotel occupies the Refuge Insurance Building on Oxford Road and Whitworth Street. It is infact two building, Building 1 by Alfred Waterhouse (the architect of the Town Hall) and Building 2 by his son Paul. Surmounted by the 217 foot tall clock tower, this has always been a...
  8. Cjm

    General - MANCHESTER rooftopping

    Hellooo, I’ve recently spent a lot of time exploring and attempting to explore some abandoned places and stuff. I live in the Manchester area and have become interested in trying rooftopping, however I don’t really have anyone to do it with. Is there anyone else also interested in this, or...