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  1. T

    Video Report - Berkyn manor

    I probs have the info wrong on this place but it’s the building which is known for the dead bird cage. It’s an amazing building such a shame for the mess it’s in now. But looks like it’s been empty for a very long time.
  2. FavouriteWorstNightmare

    Report - Fonthill house- surrey- July 2019

    I can't for the life of me remember the name of this house but once I do I shall edit the title. I don't know too much on the history but after our explore we had security waiting for us outside. The guy was alright and said it was okay they we were taking photos, so long as the place doesn't...
  3. Crissisdecon

    Report - The Ivy Farm Manor - Hampole (Dr X Mansion)

    The History (taken from urbexrebel67 post) The building is known as either the 'Manor House', 'Ivy Farm Manor' and unofficially "The Doctor's House" . It belonged to a notorious psychiatrist, Neil Silvester, who authorised the release of Carol Barratt from psychiatric care in April 1991 even...
  4. xexxa

    Report - Silverlands, Surrey, May 2019

    Short stolen history Nestled on the outskirts of the M25 in Chertsey lays a Grade II listed manor house with a potted history of uses. Originally built in the early 19th century by the Brewer Robert Porter, it was then went through multiple ownerships until it became the Actors Orphanage in...
  5. LittleOwl

    Question - Great Tew Manor - Has it been demolished?

    So came across this awesome place whilst doing a bit of research and read up on a bunch of reports posted here, most recently being from 2017. I'm planning a trip into England at some point and have been gathering locations to visit but when I found this place via satellite, it appears that it's...
  6. V

    Question - Didsbury Lodge

    Anyone ever heard or been through this place? I can not find any information on it but I am certain that it is fully abandoned. There could possibly be construction on the site, but from what I have seen there is nothing ongoing. It is located in Didsbury, Manchester (UK) on Wilmslow Road. I...
  7. GreyFox

    Report - Caldwell House, Ayrshire. APRIL 2018

    History Caldwell House was supppsedly built around 1715 as a private residence and estate. In 1927 it changed use and became a hospital for mentally handicapped children. A serious fire broke out in 1995, leaving the house to deteriorate into the condition it now lingers in. Report This was a...
  8. Serenity4

    Report - Hare Manor Hotel-Oxfordshire UK-July 2018

    Hare Manor Hotel Our Visit: After an unsuccessful explore earlier in the day at our first intended location, getting kicked out by a grumpy old groundskeeper we decided to head back to a site we spotted on the drive up. We hadn't noticed any reports before so we were hoping it would be fresh...
  9. Provingdemons


    The home of a disgraced doctor, left to rot. The location is simple enough to find though it is directly off a busy road, once in, there are many rooms and pathways to wander around. Old books ripped up and layed around the building, and even a swimming pool out back.