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  1. Elcamino;)

    Report - Centre Bastion-Swale (August 2023)

    The Centre Bastion we know today was built in 1825 during the expansion of De Gomme’s original Sheerness Lines defences from 1670. It was originally armed with 64 pounder guns only for 2 10” mark 111 RML guns to be added. These were loaded with ammunition from the magazine tunnels below which...
  2. T

    Report - Grain Tower Battery, Grain, Kent, 18th September 2011

    The History Grain Tower Battery (aka Number 1 The Thames) was constructed between 1848 and 1855. It stands at the mouth of the River Medway with Southend visible on the other side of the estuary. Construction is in the style of a Martello Tower with more modern additions made during WW1...