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  1. dansgas1000

    Report - Permanite Asphalt Works, Derbyshire - September 2022

    Introduction On a trip to Derbyshire to cover a few locations back in September last year, me and @V50jake visited this old Asphalt Works. History & Information This place has been done to death over the years and I'm pretty late to the party so I won’t go into too much detail. The Permanite...
  2. MissBean77

    Report - Permanite Asphalt, Matlock - Sep 2020

    PERMANITE ASPHALT, MATLOCK - SEP 2020 First explore after years off, and having moved down to Nottingham from Liverpool. Chose this one as previous posts indicated it was an easy explore that you can pretty much stroll onto. Info is pretty thin on the ground for this one so I’ve had to rely on...
  3. Abandoned-Sheffield

    Report - Rockwood Pigments, Matlock Bath, Derbyshire

    A nice little explore that involved a few buildings, but sadly not much left of the interiors. Both of the mines on the site could be a good further explore, but both look either very dirty or incredibly unstable. You can check out all my photos from this explore here on my Flickr...
  4. Abandoned-Sheffield

    Report - Wapping Mine & Cumberland Cavern, Matlock Derbyshire

    An interesting explore that sadly, we didn't have enough time to complete fully after taking a few detours around the various routes that were on offer. We'll definitely be back here again soon to make it all the way through to the end of Cumberland Cavern. You can check out all my photos from...
  5. A

    Report - Permanite Asphalt Ltd - July 2019

    First report so let me know if owt needs fixing. I know, this place again. I had to visit it though as I stumbled across it by total accident last year. I was blindly following google one evening in an attempt to get to the train station and, well, I was vastly unprepared for a walk in the...
  6. L

    Report - Permanite Asphalt Matlock - June 2019

    This is my first report so please feel free to let me know if I've done anything wrong or what I can do to improve. I'm also well aware my photography isn't the best...I'm still learning! I know this place has been done a lot but there's something about it that I fell in love with after first...