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  1. Kat18

    Report - Benenden Hospital, Kent - June 2020

    Having only recently finding out about this explore and finding its location I can truly say it was definitely an interesting day. After only 4 hours of sleep, I quickly rushed to meet my friends at this site. The journey was roughly 40 minutes honestly I almost fell asleep but the hospital...
  2. ForgottenBuildings

    Report - Hospital D - Belgium - Nov. 2019

    History: The year was 1954 and the local city where this place is located faced a major problem. The current hospital which dated back to the begin of the 1900s was outdated and too small. After this problem, plans were made to build a new state of art hospital. In 1958 it was finished, for the...
  3. Llama

    Report - St Thomas’s Hospital Medical School, Lambeth, London - January 2020 (Renovation Stage)

    The St Thomas's Hospital Medical School in Lambeth was founded in 1550, but underwent an extensive building programme between 1693 and 1709 where all of the hospital's wards were extended and over 300 more beds were added. It was also around this time that medical training was formalised at the...
  4. A

    Report - Royal London Hospital Dentist School, London - November 2019

    I saw this place mentioned on the "Leads, Rumours..." board 4 years ago, but didn't hear anything more about it. So this week, when we failed to get into another location in London, we thought we'd give this place a quick look to see if it was possible. It look about 30 seconds to work out how...