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mental hospital

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    Report - Murray Royal Hospital, Perth - June 2021

    First opening its doors in 1828, the James Murray Lunatic Asylum is an astounding building. Over the decades, the asylum was expanded as it succeeded as an establishment. In 1948 it became part of the NHS, however by the 80s, such a large building was no longer needed and it slowly went into...
  2. Tildaa__

    Information - Mid Wales Asylum

    VISIT MARCH 2020 Ik loads of people have probably posted about this, but it’s only of my favourite places I’ve explored. I’ve been there twice, you got to be careful when u go as floors are very uneasy . There is a guy in a van who goes around the property, I have never got in trouble with him...

    Report - Shoebury House Hospital, Southend - Dec 2020

    PRE WAR - CONVALESENT HOUSE HOSPITAL, NESS ROAD SHOEBURYNESS The Old Mental Hospital "EXPLORED" AT LAST ! This building had several different medical purposes over the years.. The former hospital ,originally built as a pre-war convalescent home, was last used for non-residential...