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  1. Nyrian

    Report - Springside Paper Mill Complex - Belmont - Jul 2021 & Aug 2022

    History: Originally belonging to John Livesey who had previously run paper mills at Prestolee & Springfield. Paper was made continuously since 1834. At this time rags & textiles were recycled to make paper; wood pulp was not used in papermaking until about 1910 meaning Livesey's enterprise did...
  2. TalkingMask

    Report - Unity Mill June 2021-2022

    If you’ve ever been the canal in woodley and seen it’s chimney, then you probably know of the mill here. Unity was a spinning mill turned into a chemical works and brewery abandoned in 2003. Some other threads explain it’s history better than me as I can’t find much, so check them out for a...
  3. DarkMode13

    General - Sion Mills Factory

    Hey all. With work, i have driven through Strabane and Sion Mills. i have noticed a abandoned Mill / Factory in Sion Mills in Strabane, Northern Ireland. Would anyone be able to figure out any information on this Factory / Mill? Any one like to explore it with me?
  4. Dzy

    General - W.H.SHAW Pallet Mill/Works - Delph 2018

    Now, i know this place was very popular back in the day, but the last few months i have visited the site around 4 times in the past 2 month as there is so much to explore. Please go easy on me as this is my first post :). W.H Shaw Pallet Mill is situated in the heart of Delph, (Oldham) and...