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mines and caves

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  1. RustyJohn

    Report - The 'Mushroom' Mine (+ bonus by chance!) - Spain (December 2021)

    Here it goes... my first mine (explored with now-member @Bertuu !) I found this site which revealed that my area is littered with lots of abandoned mines which I wasn't aware of, I'm no expert caver so I wouldn't attempt nothing crazy but this one seemed...doable! Actually the...
  2. Jl.urbex

    Report - Holme Bank Chert Mine, Derbyshire - July 2021

    Apologies as I know this place has been done many times, went with a non member explorer friend. History stolen from the internet - although I have been reading about it all in various places. May be a bit pic heavy for some of you - experienced reporters, feel free to correct me anywhere. The...