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  1. Adam X

    Report - Colonial-era buildings of Yangon, Myanmar - November 2016

    Having not posted any reports for yonks, I thought I might chuck up a few of my faves... Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) was a British colony from 1824 until 1948 when it gained independence. It was then run under strict military rule for more than half a century until Htin Kyaw took office...
  2. Moelwyn

    Report - Namtu Lead Smelter, Namtu, Myanmar December 2011

    I know it’s abroad, but maybe this might be of interest here. It’s a series of photos that I took on 2nd December 2011 of the zinc and lead smelter at Namtu, a town situated in northern Shan State, Myanmar (Burma). The British colonial period in northern Burma began around 1883 and the Burma...