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  1. UrbexTreasure

    Report - Liverpool Factorys - September 2018

    My friend and I were up in Liverpool visiting a friend who had recently moved up there and went for a stroll along the docks. Not entirely sure if the warehouses are complelty abandoned but from what I could see they were empty and unoccupied. Due to nearby construction workers we could not gain...
  2. Toriii

    Report - Lavender cottage Cornwall 29/07/2020

    Visited the famous lavender cottage today, Very over grown not a lot left and couldn’t get in the caravan near by. this cottage has been abandoned for over 30 years. It’s actually up for sale in 2017 for 250k and I believe it’s dropped to £235k! Still a great place to explore ps To the ladies...
  3. U

    Report - Forest ruins - Bearley July 2020

    So I'd like to say this is my first report, but I'm not even sure if this qualifies as a report. For about 2 weeks I've been scouring google maps around my area (very rural) and researching plenty, today I hit my first find. Unfortunately, the lead I got has come with no history at all and I...