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new freinds

  1. Mxyaband

    Looking for exploration friends around Surrey/Kent

    Hey! I’m new to the whole urban exploring hobby, I’ve done it a few times and gone to a few places but only through finding places through friends. If anyone would like to DM me here or even my insta I’d be more than happy to make some new friends and come exploring (after lockdown obviously) :D
  2. Brandonkarl21

    New to Exploring! Leicestershire

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to introduce myself, I have been wanting to explore for a while now probably over a year but I’ve not been able to find a good place to start. looking forward to reading reports and seeing the awesome pictures everyone posts as well. Hopefully find some like minded...
  3. G1BS0N1

    Hello from Sunderland, UK

    Hello, I've always wanted to do exploration I am interested in history, things that havent moved in time. Im just looking to see if their is any groups in the area who do this stuff maybe not just in sunderland in the area. Would love to get involved. Also I do drive so im not stuck in one area...
  4. J

    New Here...

    Hi All, Thought I write a little something about myself in here :) So Urban Exploring has always been that has interested me, watching you tubers going to these places that. have been forgotten about or just left behind has always made me think it was interesting and something I want to do. I...
  5. Missblackandgrey

    New freinds to go explore with

    not sure how this works so