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  1. B

    New member

    Right so I’ve always wanted to get into this kind of hobby and now I found this website I actually can. Which is really cool. I’m probably not as old as most people here so yeah lol. If anyone knows any really cool places in London to explore pls let me know. :)
  2. AdenMont

    Aden, new member, Glasgow

    I think I might have accidentally deleted my first new members thread but anyway. Hi I'm Aden I'm 18 years old and living in glasgow, I only got into urban exploring two weeks or so ago so I haven't been to many places but I have enjoyed the places that I have been to such as: botanic gardens...
  3. AdenMont

    Aden, new member

    Hi my name's Aden I'm 18 living in Glasgow I only started urban exploring in the last two weeks or so and haven't been to many places but I have enjoyed the ones I have been to such as: the botanic gardens train station, Saint Peter's seminary and Dunmorepark house. I am mainly interested in...
  4. Aanteater_

    New to SW London

    Hey there! Experienced in the art of Urbex(didn’t know it had a name before) avid photographer and climber from South Africa, new to London! Looking for new spaces and places.. that’s my passion but have literally NO IFEA where to start. Thanks for having me here
  5. W


    Hi everyone, I don’t know if you’re supposed to use actual names on here but I’m Will. I’m based in Cornwall and have been interested in urban exploring for about 5 years. I’ve been to quite a few different locations and photographed them all. I’ll post some of my best ones later. Looking...
  6. C

    Relatively new to Merseyside - looking for Urbex buddies

    Hi! I've been living in Merseyside for a couple of years and would love to get back into Urbex. I don't know mnay people and unfortunately the ones I know don't share my interests, so I don't have much knowledge of the best places to visit. I'm also aware of the dangers of exploring abandoned...
  7. S

    New Member - Introduction

    Hello everybody, 24, Essex For roughly four years, I have practised parkour. This usually ends up taking me to some beautiful spots across the country, some of which are derelict. Although I've been doing urban exploring as well as parkour, I've only recently come across this site and...
  8. G1BS0N1

    Hello from Sunderland, UK

    Hello, I've always wanted to do exploration I am interested in history, things that havent moved in time. Im just looking to see if their is any groups in the area who do this stuff maybe not just in sunderland in the area. Would love to get involved. Also I do drive so im not stuck in one area...
  9. J

    New Here...

    Hi All, Thought I write a little something about myself in here :) So Urban Exploring has always been that has interested me, watching you tubers going to these places that. have been forgotten about or just left behind has always made me think it was interesting and something I want to do. I...
  10. Alanasian96

    Finally decided to join!

    I’ve been visiting the site for a while before actually joining as I kind of wanted to get the basics pinned on how people present themselves here as well as the do’s and don’ts etc. Buzzing to see so many of the reports here are informative & helpful and people’s photography is immense! Small...
  11. Gingej010

    First day out, RAF Coningsby and RAF Wittering Down!

    So i was googling last night abandoned places UK as i am interested in visiting places no one has been for years and i came accross this site. ITS FUCKING WICKED! Looked at 2 places on here and found them after some struggling . RAF Wittering and RAF Coningsby down, they exceeded my...
  12. d1zzy

    Late hello from london

    what's up, i'm 23 and i've been into urbex for a long time now but never got round to finding anyone to meet up and do it with, think i signed up to this forum a while back too but wasn't able to really utilise it properly at the time. i've not been out myself yet at all so i'm kind of looking...
  13. F

    Question - Brighton, East Sussex, looking for explorers or groups.

    Hey :D I'm a complete newbie to urban exploration but would love it give it a go. Not knowing any other place to start I thought finding others to team up with might be a good idea. Is there anyone in the Brighton area who would like to team up and start exploring somewhere?
  14. P

    Introduction from Leicester

    Hello everyone, I’m 26yo tattoo artist from Leicester. I’m new here so I’m just looking to make my first post and introduce myself. I’m very much a newbie here but have always enjoyed exploring and adventures since I was a young boy, I found this site recently and am stoked to find such a...
  15. Deryndoyle

    New explorers

    Hey folks! New to the site and new to urban exploring, a few of my friends and I have gone exploring a couple of times now but we keep ending up stuck looking for a way into the buildings only to get caught (like today a big ass dog and security officer found us waiting in a shed. Any tips...
  16. shawnelliott_s14


    Hi I’m shawn. I’m new to urban exploring and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations of abandoned buildings to explore in west London or Watford areas. Tia
  17. M

    From Falkirk

    Hi i'm 17 from Falkirk and been exploring for a little while now trying to get better at photography at the same time, if anyone has been anywhere nice nearby let me know. I'm looking to go to keir home farms soon as i heard on here it was nice
  18. rjbains

    Report - Cheadle Royal Infirmary, Cheadle - June 2019

    The hospital moved from Piccadilly to Cheadle in 1849 when the Piccadilly area became too built up, noisy and unsuitable for the mentally ill and changed its name to the Manchester Royal Lunatic Asylum. By the 1930s, the Hospital was able to pioneer treatments such as occupational therapy, the...
  19. rjbains

    New Explorer! Big map to complete!

    Hola guys, so I'm new to reporting and also pretty new to exploring too. Saw a couple of buildings while driving on my travels and decided from the enjoyment of exploring them to plan a roadtrip to Scotland and hit some places up there. I'll be posting reports to show what I found, apologies if...
  20. L

    Hi I'm new around here!

    Helloooo I'm new around here! My name is Lucy...I'm 19 years old and have been exploring for around 2 years. I've never made an account on here, although I've been scrolling through threads on here for hours and hour on end for about 2 and a half years, as never thought my photos or anything...