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  1. Piracy

    South Derbyshire

    Hi all new to this will be looking to start exploring this weekend gonna Try starting somewhere local south Derbyshire
  2. Graithen

    New to London

    Hey everyone! I'm new to London, just moved here for University, and thought I would get amongst the urban exploring scene here, because I know there is a lot. I'm a bit of an underground kid, having got hooked exploring the Northamptonshire mines, so super interested in the local subteranean...
  3. E

    New member, long time viewer.

    I’ve looked at this site for quite a while trawling through the many in depth and descriptive reports. Have to tip my cap to the etiquette and dedication to the rules, I don’t come here to try steal site info or for anything other than my own enjoyment. currently living in Cumbria but...
  4. S


    Hey, guys & gals, I’m new here. Just wanted to say hi, I’ve been into Urbex for quite sometime now so decided to finally register to this forum. Thanks for having me, I hope everyone’s doing well!
  5. C

    New From Hampshire

    Hi, I am new to this site though I have been visiting abandoned places for a while, I have not really been documenting it, just kinda tagging along with some friends as a thing to do. Think I best keep this short and sweet and hopefully will be able to be posting some ok reports on places soon :D.
  6. W

    New Member - Hertfordshire

    Hi everyone, I've been using this site for a while as a guest, so creating an account has been long overdue... My name's Will. I'm currently based in Hertfordshire, hoping to get involved with the community here and in London/South East. Visited a couple sites over the past few weeks - so...
  7. AlikaiCoxy

    Hey! New here! / Hertfordshire.

    Hey guys! My name is Alice, I'm new to the site. I am a photographer based in Hertfordshire. I have been interested in Urbex for as long as I can remember! I only got to do my first explore about two weeks ago and will be doing my second soon with supervised access from the site owners! Will...
  8. L

    Pretty new and needing help

    I am from Lancashire and looking for great places. I also need some specific info on a site nr Sheffield. Start with sheffield. There is a specific piece of grafitti I would like to see. Its a back view of a bottomy lady in fishnets. If you have seen it you will know the piece. I have visited...
  9. M

    Hi there!

    Thanks for the add. I'm from the west midlands and looking for new sites to fly fpv drones around. Been to some sites in Hereford, Worcester and Willington. Just seeing if this gets any interest. Feel free to msg back .
  10. Vickyj85

    Me again

    Hello everyone. Im technically not new here think I joined. Year or two ago. Not really used the site as much as I would like. I’ve now moved Back Cambridgeshire way. I would really like to meet some cool people locally. my instagrams are vix_pix_photography and vic_jackx Still trying to get...
  11. GhostTheNewbie

    New explorer

    Hi, everyone. I’d like to start off by saying that I’ve explored some things in my area, but would like ideas on where else to go next. I’m from Yorkshire, but I’m mainly looking for places to explore up north and around me if anyone can help, also tips and such would be appreciated. - ghost
  12. Ya Boy Croy

    Newbie from Worcestershire

    Hi there all, After stumbling onto this website for finding some local areas to explore I thought I'd introduce myself to you all, I have only recently starting to go out venturing and I am really enjoying it so far. I've been to 2 locations so far, one of them I found myself as was local and...
  13. J

    Newbie here

    Hi all, new to this, I'm aware from what I've seen ppl don't like giving locations etc out.. I've done some research on a couple places I want to take a look at, what general advice can you all give me, regards access, will I come across problems or security? Are most places accessible? Thanks...
  14. J

    Anywhere in Notts / Nottingham City or around?

    Hi posted before, just wondering if anyone knows anywhere within walking distance of Nottingham City? Not interested in going down man holes this weekend but any buildings or other caves / caverns would be amazing! Going this Saturday so hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks!
  15. DarkMode13

    New Urbex in Derry~Londonderry

    Afternoon all. Im 29, new to this stuff. I have been exploring a couple of places, mostly started at the tail end of February before COVID. Haven travelled far with this Urbex yet. Hoping it will. I am willing to travel. I am willing to make friends from this experience if possible! :) Thanks all
  16. Jamie221094

    Northern Ireland. Anyone interested in exploring

    Anyone in Northern Ireland interested in some exploring? (After covid) I know few place and also been to few
  17. Z

    Getting started

    hey, I'm zanie I'm a cyberpunk, post-Apocalypse and scp prop and custom designer trying to get into Urbex anyone know any good resources and/or general advise.
  18. D

    Greetings from (not so) sunny Cornwall!

    Whats up folks, Very very new to this scene (nothing as of yet to report, but making first trip to a site in my hometown tonight (will make post at first opportunity). I'm South West based, 22y/o and highly interested in Urbex (thanks to a youtuber by the name of Shiey). Definitely eager to...
  19. W


    Hi everyone, I don’t know if you’re supposed to use actual names on here but I’m Will. I’m based in Cornwall and have been interested in urban exploring for about 5 years. I’ve been to quite a few different locations and photographed them all. I’ll post some of my best ones later. Looking...
  20. J

    New Here...

    Hi All, Thought I write a little something about myself in here :) So Urban Exploring has always been that has interested me, watching you tubers going to these places that. have been forgotten about or just left behind has always made me think it was interesting and something I want to do. I...