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  1. W

    what’s happening in bristol

    Hi, I have just moved to Bristol and have become very interested in exploring old abandoned (maybe haunted ) places however I am new to the Bristol area and so far every location we’ve scouted has looked very inaccessible. I’m also struggling to find people with the same interest as I’m the only...
  2. A

    Clothing advice for a new explorer.

    Hi everyone! This question might be a bit weird but anyway. So i am really new to urban exploring. I have visited abandoned buildings a few times before but i am now really starting to get into the hobby. I have figured out most of the gear i need but i still wonder what kind of clothing i...
  3. rjbains

    Question - Primary School In Scotland | 01.07.2019 |

    I came across this abandoned primary school whilst traveling from Birkwood Castle to Hartwood Hospital on some country roads in a little village. Real quiet place with no one around to even ask about it. I have no clue as to what the area was called though, stupid enough to not take note for...