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  1. J9URBEX

    Newbie alert

    Hi there, I'm Janine from Hampshire. I've been urban exporing for a couple of months now and finally got an account on here to work . I find the whole thing very interesting, I'm getting pretty good at finding locations now and can't wait to post some of my recent explores. My dream is to find...
  2. vallyman11

    new to the urbex scene

    so, I go by vallyman (or as most people call me, vally) was my PlayStation 3 username and when the ps4 came out it just stuck... i am a gamer but watch ALOT of abandoned videos on YouTube, dont get me wrong i get that toutube is a place where you like, share and subscribe lol on top of that I...
  3. N

    Newbie here

    Hey My partner and I explore looking for interesting things, we particularly love finding buildings, vehicles etc that have been completely forgotten about and left for Mother Nature to take over. We love that these things have their own story to tell. we live in Gloucestershire and are...
  4. N

    Newbie from South West.

    Hey! My name is Natalia, I'm quite new to urban exploring, having only really found a couple of places over the past couple of years - I've always been very bad at research! With that being said though, after joining some groups recently I'm getting better and better at researching and have now...
  5. G

    General - noob intro post with 1st explore (Winstanley hall)

    Hi. stumbled across this site randomly and found myself a new hobby last week. explored the site for a few days and decided id get out and find something worth posting to introduce myself with. Im obsessed with this site at the min and have non stop been out exploring since i found it so thanks...
  6. Rachael_Mason

    Newbie Explorer here!!

    Hi, I am a complete newbie to exploring and was wondering if anyone knows of any places that are relatively easy to get into?! I have done loads of research online and have come across a few places and was wondering if anyone has visited them recently? Sunnyside Hospital in Scotland...
  7. slackertyrose

    covid-19 & accessibility

    hi, i'm a 17 year old girl from hertfordshire (right now i'm trying to find somewhere to go & take some pictures so that the mysterious cabal that runs this site will let me join the in-group, lol) i was just wondering whether because social distancing means that projects/surveys etc are being...
  8. E

    New to this...

    Hey everyone I’m Eryl. Been exploring since I was very young and can’t quite find a hobby that beats it! I have been all over the country but Somerset is my base. I volunteered for Shepton Mallet prison and loved it so much that even helped trying to restore and make attractions (ie: made up...
  9. S

    West Bromwich

    Hi guys. This is my first time posting. I have loved watching urbex vids on YouTube and I'd love to do a little bit of it myself.. Just to see if I prefer to watch rather than participate. I don't know whether I'd make it into a full blown hobby. But was wondering if there were any places in...
  10. G

    Kent Explorer

    Never explored before but looking to start after lockdown, got a decent camera setup and all. Any good locations in/around Orpington, Bromley or Tunbridge Wells?
  11. meganodonnell

    Recommendations for 2 newbies in Milton Keynes!

    Hi everyone :cool: we are new around here ! We are based in Milton Keynes and would absolutely love to know of any abandoned buildings we can explore if you have any recommendations! We are keen to check out Wolverton Works but not sure how to access it, or even if we can access it at all. We...
  12. P

    Introduction from Leicester

    Hello everyone, I’m 26yo tattoo artist from Leicester. I’m new here so I’m just looking to make my first post and introduce myself. I’m very much a newbie here but have always enjoyed exploring and adventures since I was a young boy, I found this site recently and am stoked to find such a...
  13. Deryndoyle

    New explorers

    Hey folks! New to the site and new to urban exploring, a few of my friends and I have gone exploring a couple of times now but we keep ending up stuck looking for a way into the buildings only to get caught (like today a big ass dog and security officer found us waiting in a shed. Any tips...
  14. shawnelliott_s14


    Hi I’m shawn. I’m new to urban exploring and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations of abandoned buildings to explore in west London or Watford areas. Tia
  15. L

    Hi from Manchester

    Hey everyone, Lakin here, from south Manchester. I’ve been a follower of the site for a number of years now, thought it’s about time I registered on here. Mainly interested in abandoned military and industrial sites, but am still intrigued by pretty much all urbex. I’m hopefully going on my...
  16. J

    Information - info on any locations northern england

    ive been a member of this site for over 5 years, as ive always been fascinated by abandoned architecture, however i live in the north east of england and though ive explored a few places locally (now long gone) im now looking to travel further as there arent too many noteworthy places very close...
  17. rjbains

    Question - Primary School In Scotland | 01.07.2019 |

    I came across this abandoned primary school whilst traveling from Birkwood Castle to Hartwood Hospital on some country roads in a little village. Real quiet place with no one around to even ask about it. I have no clue as to what the area was called though, stupid enough to not take note for...
  18. Wi1son

    New member from Sheffield

    Hi, Been on this website a few times and always felt intrigued to get more involved so finally made an account today. I’ve had a good read of the rules and tips for first time members which were very helpful. Seems like until you have something to provide to other people on this forum, don’t...
  19. L

    Hi I'm new around here!

    Helloooo I'm new around here! My name is Lucy...I'm 19 years old and have been exploring for around 2 years. I've never made an account on here, although I've been scrolling through threads on here for hours and hour on end for about 2 and a half years, as never thought my photos or anything...
  20. T

    Hi From South Wales

    Thought I’d pop over to this forum and say hey before I get back into my research. I’ve been looking at getting into the whole urbex thing for a while but as I can’t drive yet it’s kinda hard for me to go to places other than my local towns. Anyway I hope that perhaps I can find some neat...