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  1. Boots432

    Report - Regent cinema/mecca bingo- south shields 2023

    Upon scouting a handful of locations I found myself here. After wandering around saw something that looked like a way in.... I sent my tall friend in first and we got in. After walking around the basement I found a first aid cabinet. That had 2 sealed arm slings. Me and my friend fashioned a...
  2. Boots432

    Report - Great Whittington roc post- Northumberland

    Was up here visiting mootlaw quarry when I drove past a funny looking mound. To my delight it was an roc post in cracking condition too.
  3. Boots432

    Report - Heaton Traction Maintenance Depot- newcaste upon tyne

    Took a little drive out on my bike to see this spot and it didn't dissapoint. Full of quite well done graffiti. And the tracks are still in place well worth a look. Heres a little bit of history I found. Heaton Traction Maintenance Depot is situated in Heaton, a residential...